Bangsbo Fort
Stützpunktgruppe Süd, Frederikshafen


Stützpunktgruppe Süd (Strongpoint South) is situated just south of the city of Frederikshavn on a hill formed during the last ice age. The hill, locally known as Pikkerbakken, raises some 70 meters above the coastline, which for Danish conditions is a considerable height.

The strongpoint's main armament consisted of four 150 mm cannons with optical fire control and radar support, and protected by groups of anti-aircraft guns ranging from 20 mm to 10.5 cm caliber. Comprising 50+ bunkers of various size and function including its own power supply, kitchen bunker, fresh water well and a field hospital, and surrounded by barbed wire and mine fields, the facility was self-sustaining and powerful.

Unlike many other German strongpoints in Denmark, Group South did see combat on several occasions as the AA batteries fired on English planes (and at the same time littered the city of Frederikshavn with shrapnel from exploded ammunition). The coastal artillery - former naval guns from the Danish artillery ship Niels Juel - never fired in anger as the internal Danish waters remained under German control to the end of the war.

After the war, Danish Royal Navy assumed control of the facility, initially as a radio station but in 1952 modernizing the radar and anti-aircraft installations and renaming it to Bangsbo Fort (Bangsbo being the name of the area).

These were the early years of the Cold War and the threat was seen coming from the East. Thus, with its position overlooking the waters off the city of Frederikshavn, the many fortifications built by the Germans and the relatively modern battery (although the guns were from 1922), the fort could still play a role in the control of the traffic in the Kattegat and in the protection of the city and its harbor.


In 1962 time was up for Bangsbo, and the fort was decommissioned, but kept in an alert status for some years in the sixties until dismantled and abandoned. In the nineties, guided tours in the area were initiated and today Bangsbo is a worthy WW2 museum you should not miss, if you are in the area.

The exhibition in the M152 Command bunker is